The $4 wine you want at your Xmas table

With cost of living set to impact families over Christmas, Coles and Liquorland have released a range of new products to cater for every budget, including a $4 bottle of Hidden Gem semillon sauvignon blanc.

Inspired by a recent survey of Coles customers – in which more than 60 per cent of shoppers said their favourite part of Christmas was spending time with family and friends, and 20 per cent said they would make more food at home – the supermarket giant has also curated a Christmas range featuring almost 349 products of both new and existing items to stretch dollars further.

Coles CEO Leah Weckert said the focus was to produce a wide range of Christmas products that would cater to any budget with festive-favourites including store branded single smoked Beechwood ham, prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast, French tartlets and Black Forest Christmas tree cake.

“We know it’s been a difficult year for Aussies who are continuing to feel the pinch of cost-of-living pressures, which is why this year’s range caters to a number of different price points to help our customers celebrate Christmas, no matter their budget or festive plans,” she said.

Coles ambassador and Michelin Star award-winning chef Curtis Stone said his family would be battling over a Christmas roast pork, glazed ham and turkey.

The $4 wine you want at your Xmas table

“Mum always cooks roast pork with crackling and it’s not super traditional. But we’ve got a pretty big family, so we end up having the ham as well as the roast pork. And we have turkey sometimes too … but I make a beautiful orange glazed ham recipe that I really love.

“We have elements of tradition in our Christmas, but we’re still probably a bit more on the modern Aussie side you know, that ends up in a game of backyard cricket on Christmas Day.”

From the new Coles range he has singled out prawns as his go-to festive food item.

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“My favourite thing at Christmas is fresh tiger prawns which can be prepared so many different ways, grilled on the barbie, on a seafood platter with a little dipping sauce or even tossed through a salad perfect for a hot summer day.”

Coles Liquor General Manager Customer Mia Lloyd said there was also more choice than ever before when it comes to the perfect drink pairings this festive season.

“With 150 new products in our range, we truly have a treasure trove of high-quality drops that are great value for customers, including some of my favourites — our award-winning Hidden Gem Semillon sauvignon blanc which is an unbelievable $4 a bottle, James Busby Vineyard Series McLaren Vale Grenache which recently won a Double Gold at the Melbourne International Wine, Beer and Spirits competition at $40 and Canard-Duchêne NV Brut Champagne from $70,” she said.

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